6. The Metzler Family Reunion   Leave a comment

The first Pittsburgh Metzler family Reunion, planned by the descendants of Emerson Bennett Metzler & Ann Sherry, was held Sunday, July 20, 1964 at Riverview Park, Pittsburgh. All of the reunions have been held there except the year it was held at North Park, and one year when there was no reunion held.  The earlier reunions were held at Chapel Grove. In recent years we have met at the Activities building. (Note: The reunion no longer is held in Revirview Park. Most recently, we have been meeting at Clever Community Park in Robinson Township. WM) The decision to hold a family reunion was made at the celebration of Sister Mary Hubert’s 50th  Jubilee on Dec. 8th 1963 at Seton Hill, Greensburg, PA. The reunion was held two months after the ordination to the priesthood of Father Warren Metzler, May 9, 1964.

Marie and Sister Mary Hubert attended the reunions for many years. Laurence, although he lived until 1966, never attended the reunions because of his severe emphysema. Lizzie attended the reunions regularly until she became ill. She died in 1971. Frank, Warren, and Rose died long before the reunions began.

The only survivor of that generation, Margaret Metzler, wife of Laurence, is 86 years old this year (1982) and,still active, involved, and much loved, continues to attend the reunions faithfully. Sister Rose Marie Schneider, a niece of Ann Sherry Metzler, age 85, and in residence at Assumption Hall, Seton Hill, Greensburg, still attends whenever she can.

In 1971, at the 10th Metzler reunion, thee were 66 surviving family households and 240 living descendants of Emerson Bennett and Ann Metzler through their 3 sons, Warren A., James Francis (Frank) and Laurence Metzler. By 1982, there are 87 surviving families and 303 living descendants of the ‘Pittsburgh’ Metzlers.

Thee are 5 descendants in the 10th generation of Metzlers since Yost Metzler came to this country. Chris Aul age 12, Heather Aul 9, Jeffrey Schmidt 3, Adam Barthelemy 1, and Susan Schmidt 1. All of them are great-grandchildren of Esther Metzler Gehrmann, first daughter of Warren and Rose Metzler.

But our relatives, we have now discovered, are scattered much wider and number many hundreds, even thousands more. Valentine Metzler’s decendants traveled to Erie, Columbiana, Ohio, Goshen, Indiana, and Virginia.

In the phone book for Lancaster and nearby communities, there are eighty-seven Metzler listings.  All can be presumed to be descendants of Valentine and Anna Nissley Metzler. Twenty-one families are in Manheim Township alone, where Valentine bought his original property.


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