8. Acknowledgement: C. E. Metzler   4 comments

Many Thanks go to Christian Eby Metzler, whose family interest and articles about his ancestors are responsible for much of the information included in this history. He deserves to be remembered.

C. E. was the son of Henry B. and Elizabeth Eby Metzler and a nephew of Abraham and Anna Warren Metzler. He was a historian and an eastern agent of the Reading Railroad for 51 years. He died in Philadelphia the 21st of November, 1937 at the age of 91.

Years ago he invented a railroad signal lantern for which he was awarded the John Scott Legacy Medal from the Franklin Institute, and also a Gold Medal from the New Orleans Exposition.

The medals and a specimen of the lantern are in the possession of the Lancaster County Historical Museum and for a time were on display there.

His intense pride and interest in the Bible his great-grandfather Valentine purchased is what led to its preservation. His article in the Pennsylvania German in 1910 calling it the Bishop Metzler bible has been the starting point for many descendants of Valentine doing genealogical research. including the Hostetters, the Caldrens and other Metzlers.

Our own discovery of this article was the key that unlocked the passageway to our Metzler past.

Thank you, C. E.



Posted February 18, 2012 by wmetzler

4 responses to “8. Acknowledgement: C. E. Metzler

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  1. This is terrific! Thank you! Christian Eby Metzler is my great great grandfather.
    I am going to try to find the article you cite.

  2. Could you post the 1910 article on the blog.

    Barbara Metzler Harmon
  3. Hi Barbara and Warren!
    I have no idea how both of your comments ended up in my regular inbox, but I’m happy to help. I found the article at http://books.google.com/books?id=ztMwAQAAMAAJ&lpg=PA260&ots=3VlyXFG_vA&dq=Pennsylvania%20German%20Magazine&pg=PP3#v=onepage&q=metzler&f=false. The forgoing looks very complicated and I am not sure it will work, But this will work -Goggle “Pennsylvania German Magazine 1910” and down the list you’ll see the entry for Goggle books. The whole issue Volume 11, January 1910 is there and the article “The Metzler Bible” starts on Page 611.You may, however, want to look at other pages in this and the other issues on the site .You may be interested in the many other surnames mentioned throughout.

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