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One Big Family – The Metzler Family Song

Chorus: One big family gathered here are we;
wherever we may roam, our heart is always home.
United here are we, young alive and free;
we’re Metzlers all, the Metzler Family.

With Valentine and Ann, the Metzler clan began,
With Henry, Martin, John our family line marched on,
Hostetter, Hess and Frey, the daughters caught their eye:
Abraham and Jacob’s sons, they surely were the holy ones.

Chorus: One big family…

A hundred years or so, a Metzler with some dough
left Lancaster PA for Pittsburgh, bound to stay
He settled down to marry the tiny Annie Sherry
There’s reason now to sing; Emerson had started something.

Chorus: One Big Family…

Emerson and Ann began our Pittsburgh clan
With Warren A. and Rose, the Metzler fam’ly grows;
Lizzie, Lawrence, Frank, Margaret and Marie,
Annie is the holy branch on the Metzler family tree.

Chorus: One Big Family…

For those not here today and those who’ve passed away,
although they are gone, we Metzlers carry on.
Celebrate with love and thanks to God above;
we applaud with all our heart how each Metzler got their start.

Chorus: One big family…
© 1975 W. Metzler


Posted December 5, 2012 by wmetzler

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