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Warren W. Metzler, of Wilkinsbug, Pittsburgh, PA

born July 20, 1937 to Paul W. Metzler, son of Warren A. Metzler and Rose Pugh, and Ellen Marie Zentner, daughter of Peter Zentner and Gehanna (Annie) O’Rourke.

whose sister, Joanne Metzler Docherty, researched and compiled the data for

One Big Family, The History of the Metzler Family from Lancaster to Pittsburgh PA


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  1. It has been 275 Years since Valentine Metzler came to America. In celebration, a family gathering is being held on June 14 & 15, 2013. Here is a preliminary program of events:

    Metzler 275th Anniversary
    Celebration/Remembering God’s Goodness
    Friday, June 14, 2013

    Location: Metzler Mennonite Church @ 515 West Metzler Road, Ephrata PA 17522

    I. 10:00 am. Registration will open – Packets for preregistrants

    Note: Genealogists Ralph and Carolyn Metzler will be available throughout the event under their camper awning or in the tent in the event of rain.

    Noon: Lunch on your own. Local vendors will be at the site.
    II. Afternoon activities:
    A. 1:00 pm. Tour of local Metzler historic sites
    B. Other afternoon activities:
    • Memorabilia Room
    • Genealogists
    • Metzler School house built 1875
    • Metzler Mennonite Church
    • Metzler Mennonite Church Cemetery
    • Jacob Metzler House and Barn dating from late 1700’s
    • Visiting and forming of Family Groups (color coded by descendant of the children of Valentiine and Anna Nissley Metzler
    • Children’s stories and magic
    III. Evening Activities:
    4:30 to 6:00 pm – cheese and cracker snack provided. Vendors at site.
    6:00 pm – Welcome and Introductions Meeting inside the church
    6:15 pm – History of Metzler Mennonite Church – Church Historian
    6:30 pm – Ken Sensenig – “Why They Came From Europe to America
    6:50 pm – Warren Metzler – “Rigors of travel to America in the 1700’s”
    7:10 pm – Henry Benner – “The Settlement Years and the Nissley Farm
    7:30 pm – Questions to presenters followed by singing of several hymns
    8:00 pm – Overview of Sat. activities followed by Visiting sharing, etc.

    Program Continued – Saturday, June 15

    IV. Morning activities:
    A. 7:00 to 8:30 am – Preordered breakfast in Metzler church basement
    B. 9:00 am -Tour buses leave
    C. Other activities – see list from Friday

    V. 1200 pm – Lunch based on preregistration orders and/or payment
    1:30 pm – Concurrent Sessions
    • Alice Metzler – The AJ Metzler story
    • Guy Metzler – Metzler Mills and the town of Metzler – Somerset
    • Jack the Scribbler – The Nissley/Metzler graveyard/s
    • Jep Hostetler – Metzler magic for children of all ages
    • Ralph Metzler – The Great Allegheny Passage – Metzler migration
    • Dale, Flo and Lem Metzler – Swiss home of Jost, Maria and Valentine
    • Others

    VI. 3:00 pm – Hymn Sing by Paul Metzler and David Sauder
    VII. 4:00 pm – Visiting, memorabilia, other local venues
    VIII. 5:00 pm – Evening meal
    IX. 7:00 pm – Photo session: Valentine descendents, families, etc
    Music groups – Sing along for all ages

    Note for local participants: Please bring your own seating for outdoor events.

    The Pittsburgh Metzler’s are planning to go a day early to do some touring on our own – contact maryjo.metzler@comcast.net for more information.

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