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The ‘Metzler Family  Reunion’ does not end with the deaths of Emerson Bennett and Anna Mary’s children. Warren, John, Anna Catherine, Sara Josephine, James Francis, Laurence P. and Marie. It will continue forever. It is up to all of us, their descendants, to see that this history is recorded and passed on to our descendants.

Dates of births, deaths and marriages are important. But just as important are tapes or writings of family stories and traditions, family photographs, and family Bibles. These items are priceless and can not be found in archives, courthouses, libraries or historical societies. They are the things that will enable our descendants to visualize us as people and not just statistics.

In 1988 the ‘Pittsburgh Metzlers’ will be celebrating the 25th years of family reunions. Ironically we will also be celebrating the 250 anniversary of Metzlers in America.

The following is an excerpt from an article about Valentine and Anna Metzler, written by Ira D. Landis and published in the ‘Gospel Herald, Thursday, January 3, 1935:

“This pioneer couple determined first what their own family should be, by living close to God and His Word and were truly a credit not only to the Mennonite Church, but the community, truly missionary wherever they went (Acts 8:1). Where the family altars were numerous enough they were leaders in building Church houses and that God might be served better, education was introduced as supplementary. They were very adept in choosing the best land and made good, ‘minding their own business’, not only here but under God’s blessing, as long as they remained with Him, in everything they did. Though dead, yet they speak, and eternity will alone reveal their worth. May we cherish their faith and traits and be the better because they lived.”


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